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We strive to make sure our customers are satisfied with not only their renovation projects, but also with the experience of working with us. Below are some kind words from people we have had the pleasure of working for.

Great working with Hammer-All! Andy and his team were very professional and available. Whenever I called Andy with a question, he called back promptly. The supply companies he worked with were also very professional. Their workers were punctual and kept everything clean. They also worked hard to make sure that everything worked the way it was supposed to and, even after the job was finished, came back the same day I called to fix a minor problem with the sink. The window job was exactly the same. Very nice workers who were punctual and made sure that every window worked well. Very positive experience!

Paul Martin, Old Town

From the first visit, we wanted to work with Hammer-All. We hoped other estimates would come in higher so we would not be faced with a tough decision. We were not since Andy’s estimate was lower than a company we had used before. Measurements (windows and siding) were taken to help with accurate estimate and re-taken even more precisely once the contract was agreed. When the materials were ready (about three-four weeks) work began. The crew was outstanding. All were friendly and knowledgeable but, beyond that, totally professional in everything they did, an so hard working. They seldom stopped for a moment (did they even eat lunch??) Each day everyone arrived on time. Materials were kept under control throughout the working day, cleaned and stored every evening. All questions were answered completely and in a very understandable way.

Even the glitches seemed to run like clockwork with these people! When I showed some frustration at the way earlier repair (NOT by Hammer-All) must have been done, Andy explained why the other carpenter might have done it that way. Who knows, but I was impressed with his professionalism when he could have just as easily complained about the other guy. “Professionalism” was the name of the game with this crew.
The house looks great. The windows work so well. Our only regret, was that we had not called them earlier for other work. We will definitely use this company again!

David Hart, Brewer

Hammer-All was very easy to work with. Workers were on time every day, were courteous, cleaned up the work site daily, answered all questions from customer, were very professional and did quality of work.

Chris & Ray Quigley, Newport

The crews were impeccably prompt, professional, concerned to complete the job to the highest standards. Friendly and ready to explain everything.

Robert Wilks, Brewer

Hammer-All personnel were punctual, professional, friendly, and ensured our satisfaction from initial estimate through completion of work. A quality company with quality people. I would highly recommend them.

Marri Abercrombie, Newburg

Hammer-All replaced all of our windows and installed a sliding glass door about a year and a half ago. They also took another sliding glass door out and put in a window as well as a wall where it was. It was a great experience. They have excellent workmanship. I would recommend them to anyone. It was a good price and a lot less than some other contractors that we had estimates from. They were very nice to deal with and I will call them again. They were great.

Chris Bilodeau, Bangor

Hammer-All just wrapped up a project at our home in Hamden. What started out as a possible siding job wound up as a complete window replacement, siding and roof replacement job and… minor bathroom renovation. Throughout the process, from the initial visit with Andy Samaras to the men on site, the experience was a positive one. I strongly recommend Hammer-All for all of your renovation needs – Just started a fund for what I hope to be phase two come spring!

Beverly Clarkson, Bangor

Hammer-All replaced siding, windows, two sliding glass doors, new entry door, and rebuilt front porch. Great experience. Crew was professional and courteous. Showed up when scheduled and on time. Work was done to my satisfaction. Work area was cleaned up every day.

Brenda Demmons, Dixmont

Andy did a very good job explaining the process and giving a fair estimate. He was there every step of the way to make sure I was happy with the work. They moved patio doors from kitchen to dining room. Walled up kitchen with new window and took down old porch off kitchen and put up new deck. The guys who did the work did a great job of getting to the house early every day. They were able to answer every ‘annoying homeowner’ question and concern with no problems or judgment. The job took a little over two weeks. The workmanship on the deck was wonderful. Every edge was routed down. I haven’t gotten to use it yet since it’s been cold but it looks great! They cleaned up everything and no detail was left untouched. They even fixed the spring on my garage door (at no charge) that happened to break while they were working. I’d definitely use them again.

Will Tonerini, Orono